[SOLVED] Use HTTP-Binding to initiate Action or Item-Change on Openhab2

Following problem:
I have got another Website / System from which one I want to send a GET Command to Openhab to change an Item there.

What i tried:
Defined an item in openhab like found in http Binding Documentation:

Number Status_Home “Smarthome Status” (gMain, gTest3, gHistoryM) { http=">[1:GET:http://intern.holhome.de:8080/Status_Home:ActionA] >[2:GET:http://intern.holhome.de:8080/Status_Home:ActionB]" }

Item-file is reloaded without errors.

But it does not fit.

Calling that URL http://intern.holhome.de:8080/Status_Home:ActionA gives an Error:


Problem accessing /Status_Home:HookAnwesend. Reason:

Not Found

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While reading again and again, looks like I made a mistake: Configuration like this will cause openhap to send this GET if Item changes. Am I right?

Is there any way to force an Action in Openhab2 send a GET to the Openhab2-Server?

Looks like wrong direction. Only found http binding in snapshot 2.5.0.

Let openhab send get and Post works fine.

I need the other direction. Some system sends a get to openhab Server and openhab then changes an item to use it in rules

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Thanks a lot. So much bindings and addons to know :wink: