[SOLVED] Using averaged data

I have been persisting (influxDB) travel time data, from the googlemaps api, for some time now and was wondering if there was a way to present an average across all of the stored data. Something a little similar to below.

Group:Number:AVG         Time_To_Work

After searching around the forum I’ve not found where someone else has already done this. Not really sure that it’s overly useful either, but thought it may make some interesting viewing over time.

Or should I be looking to doing something in InfluxDB itself instead?

Just for a bit of background information, what I was thinking about was to work out the best time to leave the house in the morning to get to work in good time. Like most places here in the UK parking isn’t freely available and it’s generally a first come basis. The average over time for each working day would make for interesting information and valuable data to process and display. The principle can then be used for my Thermostat set points, analysing when it’s changed and to what temperature. That data can then be used to further improve the efficiency of my heating system.

As I’ve said before, I do have load’s of little ideas on what I think would be either cool or useful. But sadly I don’t fully have the technical skills to put my ideas into practise.

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Even happy to receive questions. :smiley:


for what’s available with every persistence db. Anything more advanced you would need to compile from these building blocks.

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Thanks @mstormi, I didn’t think to even look there.