[SOLVED] Using Incoming and Outgoing transformations for HVAC IR remote

Running a RPi 4 8Gb w/ OH v3.3.0.M2 here.

I have this Samsung HVAC that was perfectly working using a small IR controller with Tasmota on it.

But I thought that besides only sending commands, I could also receive it so if I use the remote I could also get the small IR controller to receive that and OH to interpret that via MQTT.

So I already have it working using the following:

  1. In my thing, I set the “Incoming Value Transformations” to this: JSONPATH:$.IrReceived.IRHVAC.Power
  2. In my item, I set the “Profile” to JSONPATH with this: $.IrReceived.IRHVAC.Power

I can now have the item state changing automatically when I use the remote.

Problem is, since I had to change my “Custom On/Open Value” field (as well as the Off) from this: IRhvac {“Vendor”:“SAMSUNG_AC”, “Power”:“On”} to this: On, this means that I now have to use the “Outgoing Value Transformations” field, so here is where I’m stuck because I need to send a variable value (the On or Off) but since this is a HVAC, I also need to, at least, send the “Vendor” information as well.

So nesting/chaining these to work in that field, that’s where I’m stuck right now.

Any suggestions on how I can do that easily and, preferably, without having to use any rule or additional codding?

Tried this: IRhvac {“Vendor”:“SAMSUNG_AC”, “Power”: %s}, says in Tasmota: {“Command”:“Unknown”}

Oh I love when I solve things by my own! :smiley:

So all I had to do was putting this: IRhvac {“Vendor”:“SAMSUNG_AC”, “Power”: %s}

In my thing field “Outgoing Value Format”, and I was putting it in the “Outgoing Value Transformations”. :smiley: