[SOLVED] Using item's state in valuecolor?


I’m about to integrate my heating devices. In my sitemap, I’ll show two different temperature values:

  • the setpoint temp I define and
  • the actual temp reported by my device

I’d like to use the valuecolor tag in my sitemap: the actual temp should be green when it’s above my setpoint temp. What’s the correct syntax for this? Eh… is it possible at all?

Thanks a lot and cheers,

        Text item=Heizung_SET
             label="Solltemperatur [%.1f °C]"
             valuecolor=[<18.5="blue", <22.5="green", >22.4="maroon"]

       Text item=Heizung_ACTUALTEMP
             label="Aktuelle Temperatur [%.1f °C]"

Good question, but i think that it won’t work.


Compare the values in a rule and set a additional item (using only this valuecolor).

That’s what I’m doing right now… thought I’m thinking too complicated, and it has to work easier, too…

@hr_2 is right, you can’t do dynamic colour conditions in the site map
You maybe able to do that in HABpanel but that would be more complicated that the solution above