[SOLVED] Using piclone to copy installation to smaller thumb drive

I have OH2 (openhabian) running on an RPi3 on a 64GB thumb drive. I’d like to copy the installation to a smaller 16GB drive. I tried using piclone, but when I try to run it, I get a permissions error. So I launched it using
sudo piclone
and then
sudo su -

but when launching it through either of those methods, piclone does not see either the boot or target drives. I was able to test piclone successfully on a Pi that does not have OH2 installed, so I know it can work, but I’m not sure how to proceed under openhabian. Does anyone have any ideas?

For this who have stumbled upon this looking for a solution. I’ve found it. The technical answer is here,

Using sudo with piclone

But just do this:

sudo bus-launch piclone