[SOLVED] Using Sonos to announce visitors from Doorbird binding

Hi All,

Can the sonos units be used to send doorbell notifications as an audio sink if a Doorbird channel (switch) is changed to on? I’m thinking yes, but has anyone done it with success and is it reliable.

The house is large and so the notifications are not heard from the upstairs location, but by using Sonos we could announce ‘theres someone at your front door’ for example.


Not exactly the same, but I’m doing this with Blueiris and Amazon echo control binding.

Works nicely! The biggest concern for this specific setup is the slight delay for the echo announcement, so there is room for improvement there. I imagine Sonos might be faster.

Hi Roy, what exactly are you doing with Blue iris?

I used to play a welcome jingle on one of our sonos boxes when a phone logged into the wifi. We got annoyed because the phones went into sleep which result in them dropping out of the wifi. Way too many welcome jingles.
Using such with a tts service (I’m using VoiceRSS) and a On/Off switch will be more reliable, however the sound will be played on the sonos boxes with a delay as well.
What I never tried was playing the sound on all boxes.

Thanks opus, I really just want to announce a visitor when a switch is on/off like you said. Sounds like it works so ill give it a go, fallback is TTS with Alexa :slight_smile:

Right now it’s fairly simple. I have motion events from blueiris, so when someone is on the porch, it triggers a rule in openhab, and an alert will sound over the echo. There is a different, louder notification when the doorbell is rung.

I’m using this doorbell: https://www.laviewsecurity.com/one-halo-2.html

Separately, blueiris motion events also trigger an openhab rule to send a notification with animated gif to our phones via pushover. Here’s a sample: Blueiris & openhab CHAT

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I have just a simple doorbell connected to openhab (KNX). By pressing the button a prerecorded mp3 (google search: text to mp3) audio file plays on the sonos devices. I use the following rule for it:

rule "poortdeur"
	Item Apparaat_Outdoor_poortdeur_bel changed to ON
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Can you detail exactly how you get this to work? Assume I am a complete newbie/idiot.

What more rhen the examples given in this thread do you need?
Do you have speakers connected that are accepted as Audiosinks?
Do you have a TTS service installed?