[SOLVED] Using the name and logo of openHAB in an own Android app

I want to programm an Android-App to show the openHAB Log Viewer via the smartphone or tablet if something doesn’t work or if you want to check, if everything works fine.

Am I allowed to use the name “openHAB” and it´s logo in the App “openHAB Log Viewer”.
It would be okay, if it just would be the name.

Thanks for your answers!

@Kai, I assume you are the best one to answer this.

Can´t anyone else answer it?

Yes :wink:
We tried to register the logo as a picture trademark but received an opposition from another company. This case is still open. Once it is closed and our logo hopefully registered, we can define clear rules for using the name and logo in third party apps. Until then, we cannot grant permission to use the logo in your app.



You need to use the correct name: openHAB
Also as long as it’s not a project under openHAB, I think it should be clear it’s not an openHAB project. see also the Android app HABPanelViewer


@hmerk Okay, thank you. How can I find out in the future, if the logo registration will be succesfull?

I guess there will be an announcement here when we defined the rules.

Thanks for your response!
So you mean, that I can use the name openHAB, as long as others can see, that it´s not an official openHAB app?

With “here” you mean this topic where we are talking right now?

Nope, a general anouncement in this community, as there had been other questions before.
Regarding the name, what do you have in mind?

As I wrote above, I want to program an own Android App to be able to see the openHAB Log easily in an app if you want to check something or just as a steady screen.

What name do you have in mind?

“openHAB Log Viewer”

Is it ok?

Just throwing this out there, but perhaps you could speak to @mueller-ma about contributing code to the existing app, rather than creating a new one. I think a lot of people would be grateful to see this functionality, and your efforts will have broader impact.

I don‘t think so, as it assumes to be part of the openHAB project.

@hmerk What would be your idea?

@rpwong What kind of code do you mean?
My app is almost finished, I just need a name.
There isn´t a code he could give me because I just let the users type in their hostname/ip address and the port and then a WebView opens in the app which leads directly to the LogViewer we know from the normal openHAB Dashboard, but just in an app.

I think the answer is @Kai owns the trademark.

openHAB is a registered trademark of Kai Kreuzer in the EU, the US and other countries.

From https://www.openhab.org/imprint.html

A quick Google search & a private message could have eliminated the need for this tyhread, IMHO.

@Bruce_Osborne So I am not allowed to use the name? Is OH allowed instead?

And for the logo it just says “tbd” - to be done (openhab.org/about/logos.html)