[SOLVED] View current zwave device database

See many threads asking how to UPDATE the database, but I would like to try to buy
a device that is already in the database!

I have searched the docs and see mention of it and how to ask for devices to be added, but I do not see how to look at it!

As I write this I guess it is on my openhab install someplace, but a web view might be easier to read.

I have looked here:

zwave binding

Database guide

zwave1 binding

The ultimate answer may be to find the right find in my OH2 install, if that is the case
it will be nice to have it documented here for others…


In PaperUI - If you go to Configuration -> Bindings -> Zwave

It shows a list of supported bindings - I assume this is from the DB?

I am looking for the list of DEVICES supported by the ZWAVE binding.

The readme for the binding references a DEVICE database

I am using UPPERCASE to be clear, not yelling :slight_smile:


Do the steps I gave above not give you this?

I get:

I am sorry I had gone to ADDONS not CONFIGURATION

That looks more like what I am looking for


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  1. Go to the Database guide link you provided above.

  2. Hover over the icon next to “Zwave”

  3. Hover over “Device Database”

  4. Choose “Device List”

  5. Search or browse for your device.

  6. Click on the device to bring up its page and look at the bottom. The Device will be in any build of OH after the “Approved on” date. Any updates will be available in any build of OH after the “Last exported” date.

Nice! Thanks!