[SOLVED] View openHAB config files via windows explorer

Hi Guys
I am trying to view my config files on my Raspberry pi after installing openHAB.
I click on the Network but unable to see the Raspberry PI.
Is there video I can follow to view my files . I have installed Visual studio fine but because I have not been able to install Samba share or SSL , I have problem


That sounds as if the missing samba share is the only problem.
Did you install openHAB manually on your raspberry? In this case search for instructions on how to install a samba share.
If you used the openhabian image the usual samba shares should be installed already.

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I run OH installed via openhabian image on RPI and this is how my smb.cfg is configured. For a manual install this can be found at /etc/samba/smb.conf


Hope this helps.

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I used etcher to copy the image file to the PI and booted the PI with the image file and it ran the setup. Now I dont know how to share the Raspberry PI / openhab files to see them with the file manager. Unless I have to run something on the PI to get the SSH installed .

I used the Image file and etched . I then connected to openhabian via the file browser and could see the us like standard etc. I used standard and saw Paper UI etc. I trying to find a way to install samba etc


If you used an image you most probably used the “openhabian” image. Can you confirm that?
If yes samba is installed and you can connect a network drive from Windows using the credentials for logging in as user “openhabian”.
For ssh you need a tool on Windows to connect like putty. Using the user “openhabian” will work there as well.

Thanks guys for the help . You directed to right direction thanks. Sorted it out , got Samba working and got the the editor to work. Thanks .
Now to work out how to get my Sonoff with Tasmoda to work on openHAB.
Wish there more YouTube videos concerning openHAB . A person gets a good understanding when you watch these videos.
Thanks again for the help guys

Glad to see you have it working.:+1:

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@Vaughan_Lundin here is a link that has several guides for OH, some have video’s, with lots of pictures. You may or may not have seen this before. Scroll toward the bottom and you’ll see a mqtt guide, this will help in setting up the broker for use with sonoff like devices.

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