[SOLVED] Visual Studio Code change do admin

Hello, I’ve been using Visual Studio Code as an editor, but lately it appears the following warning:

Failed to save ‘xxx.items’: Insufficient permissions. Select ‘Retry as Admin’ to retry as administrator

I keep retrying but it never switches to admin. How can I change the configuration in solve this issue?

thank you

You probably need to change the permissions of your conf folder.

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I am a newbie learning the ropes with Openhab (and Linux :S). Came across the same issue with trying to save files through the visual studio extension.

I managed to fix this after reading through a bunch of posts and using the fix permissions option in the ophenhabian-config.

at the terminal type: sudo openhabian-config
(enter root password)
go to option 10 | Apply Improvements
go to option 14 | Fix permissions
then execute

Hope this helps someone.