[SOLVED] WallMote Dual available bindings

The snapshot release from sometime in August. I’m not in a position right now to give the exact release right now but I can check later. I believe you can only download the most recent snapshot in any case.

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I’ve got the newest Z-wave binding that time.
For future info - to be able to add this to exisitng system - you need to delete Thing and add it again to be able to see additional 6th channel. Then in items file you need to add:

Number SwitchBiuroWlacznikDoubleMote_BatteryLevel "Battery Level" {channel="zwave:device:2dd500f8:node19:battery-level"}

Then it should work properly.

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Hi, I tried out Quad-Wallmote, and see the battery-channel, but I only see -NaN %…what I’m doing wrong? Thing is number…

The ‘Item’ should be defined as a Number and the sitemap entry should defined as ‘Text’:

Item definition:

Item myBatteryChannel "Description here" channel="batteryChannel"

Sitemap definition:

Text item=myBatteryChannel

Post your item and sitemap definitions and your Thing definition, if you define your own.

Okay great Thanks =). I don’t know why, but it suddenly started working…I just linked Item in Paperui…

@lorenzopt Maybe you can help me with another problem here: Aeotec Wallmote
I would really appreciate your expertise :grinning: