[SOLVED][weather-binding][2.4 Snapshot 1443] behaviour change of weather items if no correct value is received?

Today I run into a problem which I do not have in the past.

I come from OH 2.3 stable and now on OH 2.4 snapshot.

On OH 2.3 if the weather binding (and maybe other bindings too) does not receive a correct value for an item it looks like the item value stays on the old value. Now the value goes from a valid value to UNDEF.

This crashes my rules because

(weathertemperature.state as number).intValue

no longer works due to value is UNDEF not a number anymore.

Can someone verify this?

I have only mapdb and rrd4j as persistance service. So I have no chance to put old value into the item again if I see this problem.

if(weathertemperature.state == UNDEF)

That is I believe the appropriate behaviour. Bindings should flag problems like lost comunication with UNDEF.
It can be managed by testing for Item.state==UNDEF before other processing.
It can even be useful to trigger a rule from changed to UNDEF for problem reporting.