[SOLVED] Weather Underground Binding only refreshes every 30 Minutes

in things i´ve this

Thing weatherunderground:weather:HFK “Wetter Hofkirchen” [ apikey=“xxxxxxx”, location=“pws:IJUNGROI2”, language=“DL”, refresh=“1” ]

everything is working perfect i get all data from pws to my sitemap but only refresehes every 30 minutes as the default value. i need more accurate values at least every 5 minutes

anyone know how is correct syntax for refresh ?

i´m looking at official site and it looks like refresh " minutes" but doesnt work


anyone has a idea or how is the correct syntax ?

openhab version 2.1 and Weather Underground Binding via IoT market place

I checked the source code and from what I can see, you should be seeing the following error in your log file: Parameter ‘refresh’ must be at least 5 minutes.

Can you try again and see what happens when you set it to 5?

Thing weatherunderground:weather:HFK "Wetter Hofkirchen" [ apikey="xxxxxxx", location="pws:IJUNGROI2", language="DL", refresh="5" ]

it´s still not working still every 30 minutes refresh and i looked at logfile openhab and events.log and found no error with refresh …

Logging happens on debug level at start up of the binding, so it’s indeed possible that you don’t see it in your logfile.

Maybe @Lolodomo can shed some light on this refresh parameter.

Use refresh=5 without “” around the value.

thanks a lot now its working perfect