[SOLVED] Weatherunderground - Rain fall day not working


for my garden water sprinkler system, I need to know the amount of rain falling during the last days. (I know, actually not really necessary….but should work in future)

Therefore I use the weatherunderground binding with the value "Rain Fall Day". But this doesn´t work as expected. Normally, it should accumulate the rain during the day with rest at midnight. As far as I know, this worked like this some month ago.

Now I have the most time a "0", but it is raining like hell. And sometimes there is only a peak during a day with reset before midnight.

What can be done to get this working?

Or is there another idea, how to find out how much rain was falling down during a day?

Thanks and have a nice second advent.


I was able to solve it.
Changing the weatherunderground weather station to a nearby alternative station fixed the problem.

You may want to consider looking at alternative bindings, IIRC the Weather Underground API will stop working altogether Dec 31 2018 :frowning:
End of Service for the Weather Underground API