[SOLVED] WeMo Bounty to Resolve Port Changing

Hello OH Developers,

I’ve been using OH for one year now and the single biggest frustration for my implementation is the reliability of the WeMo binding. “Some” WeMo devices start to move up on port numbers over a time period causing OH not control them any more. The only way to get OH to see them again is either a complete recycle of OH or unplugging/plugging back in the WeMo so it starts back at the original port.

Home Assistant (I reached out to the founder) and Amazon Alexa (works when OH fails to do it) has resolved this port movement issue with WeMo’s years ago but the OH community has not made it a priority. I understand a lot of the OH community is Europe based and WeMo devices are not a common device over there. In the US, Beklin WeMo has a much bigger usage base.

If you spend some time reading the WeMo community threads; you’ll see this has been going on for quite some time. I believe this is a downfall for the OH U.S. implementations; since controlling a switch is a very basic function for OH and it’s falling short.

I have opened a bounty on this issue w/o any takers yet to resolve this include the original developer of the bounty. On top of the bounty for any US takers; I will pay for and ship to your house a WeMo plug switch also in order for the US developer to fix the code for an actual WeMo device.

Anybody interested?

Best, Jay

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Very noble to fund the improvement of an OH binding. I think the timing is just unfortunate with all the heavy changes recently.

The experts amongst the maintainers are trying to setup and document a new workflow for add-on and core development. And all the occasional binding developers struggle with the not yet documented new setup.

Cheers David

Here’s the port numbers they move across.


Wemo Mini Smart Plug , WeMo Switch, WeMo Insight Switch
AutoDiscovery (Ports 49151 - 49153)

Best, Jay

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