[Solved] [Wemo state not reflected UI

I have two Wemo lights connected through a Wemo link. Although I can control them through OH2, their state is not reflected in the UI. I can manually adjust the lights in the UI and the state updates, but if I use the OH2 app on iOS, I see no change in the browser UI and vice versa. Here is my items file:
Dimmer Porch_Light "Porch Light" <dimmablelight> {channel="wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231551B01006E7:94103EF6BF43D550:brightness"}
Dimmer Garage_Light "Garage Light" <dimmablelight> {channel="wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231551B01006E7:94103EF6BF436A40:brightness"}

My Things are defined in PaperUI and I have no sitemap file.
Any ideas?

If you use Basic/Classic UI and mobile apps, you need to define sitemaps.
I cannot confirm seeing your described behaviour.

Oh never mind, the issue was a disconnected link.

May I ask you to change the discussion title “[Solved…]” then.