[SOLVED] What are the default root creds for openhabian?

I’m struggling to find anywhere that tells me what the default root password is for openhabian.


Ready for more? Connect to your Raspberry Pi SSH console using the username openhabian and password openhabian.

(Hint: sudo executes a command with elevated rights and will hence ask for your password: openhabian).

User password needed for SSH or sudo (e.g. “openhabian:openhabian”) : passwd
Samba share password (e.g. “openhabian:openhabian”): sudo smbpasswd openhabian
openHAB remote console (e.g. “openhab:habopen”): Change via the openHABian menu
Nginx reverse proxy login (no default): Change via the openHABian menu, please see here for more

I need to login as “root” via ssh. I’ve already enabled root in ssh.

Nevermind - I’ll just reset it:

sudo passwd root

Just to provide some background.

The root account on Raspbian (most Debian based distros actually) purposely has its ability to login or su to disabled. Said another way, you can’t log in as root. There is no root password. You are expected to log in as a regular user and sudo to perform actions as root.

If you want to allow someone to log in as root (not something I’d recommend) you have to give root a password and, potentially on some distros, give root a shell as it may default to /bin/noshell or /bin/false (I’ve never seen this but it is in the realm of the possible).


Try “sudo su root”


i always like your posts but this one seems to be a bad news

i have messed up without visudo.
openhabian is not anymore sudoer
and i do not have remembered to have set a password for root