[SOLVED] What other products can you use with hue Hub

Hi everyone I’m wondering as the hue Hub uses the zigbee protocol what else is compatible

Lightify from Osram is maybe compatible and Trafidi from Ikea maybe too

So it’s not just anything that uses zigbee the hue Hub is pretty pants then lol

EDIT: I must revoke my Answer … The Innr RGB Bulb (Firmware 2.0) has its own Life ;-). Sometimes the Bulb turn on without Rule or User Interaction :frowning:
It seems that the Bulb crashed and “reboot” and after Reboot a Zigbee Bulb Turns On … Like Turn Power Off / On …

Works with HUE and Openhab … :slight_smile:

Tradfri Bulbs works … The Tradfri RGB Bulb not working at this time … perhaps it will be fixed …

at the moment i only have one colour hue bulb it was expensive and i dont like it much i do like the ambience part all my bulbs are the cheap standard white dimmable