[SOLVED] Where are all the configuration from the PaperUI?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rapsberry 2

    • openHAB version: 2.3

I am confused about the way OH stores all the settings. There are the folders in /etc/openhab2 with items, things etc. but when using the PaperUI things and servives defined there seem not to be stored in these folders??

Anything configured in Paper is written directly to the DB.

The actually configuration files like demo.things, etc are read by the DB and imported as I understand.

So things configured via Paper are not configurable through text files, unless recreated in the config files.

However, if you go back and take the items that were configured in Paper and then write them into the correct config files, the DB is smart enough to replace the old entries in the DB with the new from config files.

Any changes to the config files will update the DB.

Thanks for the explanation. This looks rather odd but I guess this is a “historical evolution” thing.
I guess the same is true for the 2 approaches to GUI panels: the basicUI uses easy sitemaps whereas the HabPanel has yet another storage of his layout?

Yeah, I think this stems from the move from OH1 to OH2. I wasn’t using OH before OH2, but I believe it was way less DB driven then.

There also wasn’t any way to configure via any GUI then. It was also textual config files.

Paper is meant to be an Administration tool, and not necessarily for everyday use.

While basic is meant for every day use. For instance, your children shouldn’t have access to the admin capabilities of Paper. So you have them use basic. Basic is nice in that you can easily config via the site map and hide certain items, etc.

I believe HABPanel is driven differently as well since it is intended to be used to create “Panels” for various sizes devices, etc. This way you can create various screens and pages and such for home automation tablets, etc.

They are all different, but have separate purposes ha