[SOLVED] Where can I get the older versions of bindings?

Really simple, I have to rebuild my system and the new mqtt binding is driving me crazy, so anyone know where I can get the older versions?

Try here

If all you need is the mqtt-binding v1 you can select to “Include Legacy 1.x Bindings” in PaperUI (under Configuration-System-AddonManagment). That way the Version 1 of the mqtt binding is shown beside the Version 2 binding and you can install it via PaperUI.

It only shows version 2.4.0 when i enable legacy bindings, just to clerify i enabled legacy addons, then went to addons-bindings
Edit: I also need the older lutron binding 2.3.0(the new one won’t initalized my pico remotes)

Ah got it working (the mqtt binding that is) it took a reboot to appear, but I still need version 2.3.0 of the lutron binding and that one isn’t showing up, any further thoughts?

I’m sure this link is helpful but, I only have a small clue of what I’m looking at here. So far as I can decipher, this is the current 2.5.0 snapshot addons I can download as zip. If this is correct then how do I navigate to the addons that would have been included in the 2.3.0 release?

Sorry if it’s a bother I just don’t understand, but I really appreciate your help.

Here some collection of links where to find older versions:

openHAB Distro

Stable Releases [1.10.0 - latest]

Milestone Releases / Release Candidates [1.12.0.RC1 - latest]

openHAB Add-Ons

Full .kar Distribution:

Stable releases: Full .kar Add-On Distribution incl. 2.x and 1.x add-ons [2.0.0 - latest]

Milestone releases: Full .kar Add-On Distribution incl. 2.x and 1.x add-ons [2.0.0 - latest]

Single 2.x add-on .jar files:

Stable releases: Single 2.x add-on .jar files [2.5.0 - latest]

Milestone releases: Single 2.x add-on .jar files [2.5.0 - latest]