[SOLVED] Where do I put Binding cfg & items files when running from Eclipse IDE?

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: amd64
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Java Runtime Environment: JDK .1.8
    • openHAB version: 2
  • Issue of the topic: I started by installing openHabian 2.2.0-1 on a Pi3 and used the Enphase Energy binding. On the Pi3 I created 2 files to configure the Enphase binding, these files are located on the Pi3 at:

On the Pi3 I was able to successfully retrieve data from Enphase so the setup on the Pi3 is okay.

I want to debug what is being returned by from the Enphase cloud servers to the binding, so I setup Eclipse on a Windows 10 machine using the IDE Setup instructions located here

I added the Enphase Binding in the Run and Debug configuration PlugIn tab, and when I Run or Debug the openHab server I see that the binding is started:
2017-12-31 22:05:38.612 [DEBUG] [o.b.e.i.EnphaseenergyActivator:41 ] - Enphaseenergy binding has been started.

Under Eclipse I tried putting the enphaseenergy.cfg and enphaseenergy.items files under:
Infrastructure >> launch >> home >> etc
But the log does not show that the Enphase Binding is retrieving data. As well when I goto the PaperUI site from the Windows 10 machine I don’t see the Enphase Binding under Add-ons, though on the Pi3 the Enphase binding appears.

How can I get the Enphase Energy binding to appear under PaperUI Add-ons on the Windows Eclipse IDE machine?
Where in the Eclipse IDE do I put the enphaseenergy.cfg & enphaseenergy.items files?

After reading the Binding Development help located here I put the cfg & items files under Infrastructure >> distro-resources >> src >> main >> resources >> services & items