[SOLVED] Where to find OpenWebIF action (OH2.4)?

Hi all,

I am using OH2.4, upgraded from an openhabian image at a Raspi 3.

During my attempts to interact with my VU+/Enigma2 compatible sat receiver I noticed, that the “openwebif” action, that is mentioned in the documentation, is unavailable to me (also at 2.3 before upgrading).

The action does not appear in PaperUI > Add-ons > Actions, nor does it at the console (feature:list | grep openwebif)

Is there a way to manually re-install this action?

Thanks for hints,



Thx, I do own a VU+ and was not aware of this binding. Works great, thanks!

Thanks Dim, OpenWebIF is now available, and I can now bother my family with messages :slight_smile:

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