[SOLVED] White tablet for wall dashboard

At this moment i have one fire hd 10 (+fully browser) nailed to a wall and i’m pretty happy with that solution.
Now i need a white (WAF!) ~7’’ tablet/phablet for another spot.
I found this Cheap chinese tablet topic but the Teclast p80 pro isn’t available in white (only found champagne) and the non-pro version runs android 5.1…
I’d like to spend less than 100 Euro (shipped to europe).
Any ideas?


The current versions of the P80h run Android 7.0 and you can find them for around 60€ with shipping from within Europe

Here you go.
For the Fire tablet
Any colour you want…

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Ebay has a few offers shipping free to Germany or with 15€ shipping fees elsewhere to Europe. I see another seller for 67€ with shipping within Spain

found it! thank you very much!

Haha I was just gonna say sounds like a quick spray paint job should do the trick!