[SOLVED] Why does the forum not have an openHAB v2 section?

I remember some conversation about this; but it fizzled out due to ‘being too cumbersome’ or ‘who cares’.

What I find interesting is, if support is desired from any organisation; even those where most of the OH developers work, the first thing being asked: “Which version?”

At least I find it quite cumbersome to figure out if an issue relates or applies to OH1 or OH2.

(I thought I even offered to do the work?!)


a) we already have an openhab2 tag that can be used.
b) Adding a v2 “section” would not resolve the “Which version” question for the same reason that the openhab2 tag does not: People post questions in places they don’t belong. There is no technological fix for this.


c) It is possible to run OH1 bindings in OH2, where should a question be posted then?

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Well, :slight_smile: Why have any category then?!

Fair enough… it was just a brain fart… case closed.

I kind of agree with Max_G, if this was done months ago many problems related to the 2.x migration could’ve been easier to figure out since (at least I do) we search the forums a lot for solving problems.

If there was a separation of OH versions there could also be a subsection for bindings for each OH version as there is now. The exception (IMHO wrong posting is an exception, not the rule :wink:) of people posting under wrong topics is always gonna be there but is also linked to how intuitively the forum is organised.

However, it seems now (I don’t have any data on this, just my observation) most people have migrated to 2.x and doing this change now would maybe be pointless… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but some day there will be OHv3 :smiley: