[SOLVED] Why is this thing file not working?

The MQTT Binding is installed. Why is this not working - no Things shown in PaperUI?

I’m running a local MQTT Client over Mosquitto whith default user/password/port.on localhost.

[13:00:03] root@openhab:/etc/openhab2/things# cat MyMQTTBroker.thing

Bridge mqtt:broker:MyMQTTBroker [ host="localhost", secure=false ] {
  Thing topic Lounge_TRV_Thing  "Lounge TRV" @ "Lounge" {
       Type number : Temperature [stateTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Report/Temperature/8008", commandTopic="/energenie/eTRV/Command/Temperature" ]

Which version? There are two currently in use.

Why are you not using the PaperUI to create your things?

This …

“MQTT Binding
Allows management of MQTT broker connections and linking of MQTT topics to Things and Channels
Author: David Graeff”

There is a version 1 and a version 2 of MQTT binding. You’ve probably got v2.x, but as there is very often confusion and they are configured in completely different ways, it is worth you finding out and making sure.

thank you Sir. and how might i ascertain the version numbers?

I’m following this

I searched this forum for “how to find binding version” and found this suggestion.

PaperUI is the administrative interface for openHAB, so let’s use that.
PaperUI > Add-ons > BINDINGS
shows a list, highlights the ones you have installed, with version numbers.

Did you look into the logs while openHAB started? You will most probably find a hint in there.

yes i dd
no i did not

nothung onvious

Not even
... - Loading model 'xxx.things'
That would be a clue.


schoolboy error

You know, i must have looked at the file and directly, 20 , 30 times

it helps tremendously if the file is prefixed


and not



Raspberry Pi3B , with ener314-rt RF433 board and 10 Emerge eTRVs working perfectly. Picked the 10 up on eBay for £100.

credit to @gbpenton for his github MQTTClient that i setup as as a systemd service to start on boot and log to /var/log/Energenie.log

and it all shows up in PaperUI , and all UIs in OpenHab