[SOLVED] WiFI LED Binding - LD741

That should be enough! thanks so much!

so just in case someone else comes across this. here’s what the numbers mean… took me awhile to figure it out…

for example 1,0,100 is white first number is not applicable because the second number is 0 no saturation
1,100,100 is bright red.
1,100,10 is a very low light red I use this as a night light in the kitchen so you can still see but red doesn’t blind you when you look away. (Night Vision)

its called HSV/HSB Value:

check this out here:

the site is a bit complicated at the beginning, but a great color-tool for values

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LOL that would have been super helpful… after I figured out the numbers I went through and changed it like every 10-20 just writing down what each one of them were…

everythings nearly fine, I am missing the MAP(led_preset.map).

Could you please provide your definition here?


here you have:

96=Strobe - Custom 1
49=Strobe - Rot
50=Strobe - Grün
51=Strobe - Blau
53=Strobe - Cyan
54=Strobe - Lila
52=Strobe - Gelb
55=Strobe - Weiß
57=Strobe - R/G/B
45=CrossFade - Rot/Grün
46=CrossFade - Rot/Blau
47=CrossFade - Blau/Grün
44=Fade - Weiß
39=Fade - Grün
40=Fade - Dunkelblau
41=Fade - Gelb
38=Fade - Rot
42=Fade - Hellblau
43=Fade - Lila
45=Fade - R/G/B
99=Jump - R/G/B
97=Farbe (kein Preset gewählt) 

would love to see some “LOVE” for my posts :smile: :blush:


Awesome, thank you!

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Hey Guys so I got my Magic Home LED Controllers up and running thanks to these great posts!

I have one question that I was hoping I could get some help with, however.

I’m following along this post detailing a Wake rule where the brightness increments by 1% every minute the first ten minutes, then 10% every minute after that. Link here:https://community.openhab.org/t/yet-another-wakeup-light-rule/41941

So I’ve modified it to simply go 10% every minute with our LED Controllers, the problem is - they don’t seem to have a direct “Brightness” item. Of course you could raise the brightness by changing the third value in the HSV syntax (i.e. (320,100,10) to (320,100,20) to (320,100,30), etc…) but I’m not sure how to change just one part of this 3 number value. Simply plopping a variable into that position like you’d expect in most programming does not seem to work.

— removed original not working code ----

Also don’t worry that my color value (324,100,x) does not seem to be blue. My controllers both somehow got their colors all pushed off by about 30% or like 1/3 ways around the color wheel, so my greens = red, etc. experimentally I’ve found 324,100,x is just the right blue for me :slight_smile:


EDIT: Solved

If anyone is interested, heres my final working code:

var Timer wakeUpTimer = null
var Number dimmer = 0
var Number dimmer_step = 5
var String color = ""

rule "Wakeup LED 1 Morning Blue"
        Time cron "0 55 20 * * ?" 
        logInfo("WakeUp", "WakeUp started")
        dimmer = 0
        wakeUpTimer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(1), [|
                if(dimmer >= 100) {
                        logInfo("WakeUp", "WakeUp ended")
                        dimmer = 0
                        dimmer_step = 3
                        wakeUpTimer = null
                } else {
                        dimmer += dimmer_step
                        logInfo("WakeUp", "WakeUp step: " + color)
                        color = "324,100," + dimmer.toString

My problem is a much more general one with these LED Controllers. The color it display is about 30% off of the values I input, whether through the color wheel in the basic UI, color slider in Paper UI, REST API HSV Values, etc, no matter how I input it, the wrong color comes out. It is manageable if you calculate that you have to enter ~30% higher color value, but its super annoying.

I thought I read you can reset these through some power cycling pattern. Does anyone know exactly how to reset these controllers?



i also use that Sunix® LED RGB Controller. I have created the items and the sitemap according to this guide.
Everything works fine except to statically set the color.
With the colorpicker item I can switch the light on and off. The color settings but it does not take. :disappointed_relieved:
any ideas?

what does your PaperUI say ? ( look screenshot )
PaperUI -> Configurations -> Things

do you use the correct name ?

without not knowing your setup/config , its hard to help… sorry

Thank you for your prompt reply :grinning:



Switch LED_Buero_power "Power-LED" <light> [ "Lighting" ] {channel="wifiled:wifiled:F0FE6BA6C812:power"}
Dimmer LED_Buero_white "White-LED" <light> [ "Lighting" ] {channel="wifiled:wifiled:F0FE6BA6C812:white"}
Color  LED_Buero_color "Color-LED" [ "Lighting" ] {channel="wifiled:wifiled:F0FE6BA6C812:color"}
Dimmer LED_Buero_speed  "Speed_LED" <light> [ "Lighting" ] {channel="wifiled:wifiled:F0FE6BA6C812:programSpeed"}

And the Sitemap

Frame label="Buero" {
Text label="LED Stripe" icon="colorwheel"{
        Colorpicker item=LED_Buero_color icon="colorwheel"
        Switch item=LED_Buero_power icon="light"
        Slider item=LED_Buero_white icon="light"
        Slider item=LED_Buero_white2 icon="light"
        Slider item=LED_Buero_speed

The Connection to Google Home works to. Only the color change does not work.

looks good to me - hmmm, try restarting your system maybe

when you change your color in openhab, what is happening in the MagicHome App - do you see the color change in the app ? ( you need to refresh by swiping down the screen )

for me, i can see the change from openhab in the iphone app

and its for sure a RGB Strip ? :smiley:

Hey @RiotMode,

Thanks for so many great posts with a lot of help so far!
Do you think this RGB driver / Controller that this setup is using is one of them that are able to be controlled by openHab?

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hey @Yoinkz its hard to tell from the ebay description, but i think yes it should be possible
look for the same product elsewhere and keep an eye out for LD686 or something at least with LD…
then you are fine

see this here:

Hey @RiotMode,

Thanks for getting back to me. I wrote a message to the seller and asked if this device was a LDXXX type, but the response I got, didn’t say anything else than this?

Hi my friend,
thank you for your contact,This item is using Smart WiFi Control,The LED Chips is SMD5050,Hope this can help you,if you have any questions,please feel free contact us,thank you.Looking forward to your orders.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards.

Does that help in any way?

EDIT: Well - I clicked BUY - so lets see what happens when we fire it up :).

No, of course not.
SMD 5050 is the LED type on the strips which are powered from the controller (There are digital LED strips too WS2812b for example)
Just buy Arilux AL-CO1 works like a charm, about 6$.
They have a ESP8266 in, so a lightweight TCP/IP stack.
Hope this helps

Hey Nico,
Which one do you use - I found this one that also supports Cold and Warm white which I would like to be able to.

Do you have any good experience with some LED strips that supports the full RGB spectrum + the cold and warm white? Of course it needs to be able to interact with the controller found as well.
Also, what power supply did you buy for the device?

@RiotMode What about the controller you bought - does that one support cold and warm white?

Hey yoinkz,
I Just used Arilux ALC01, They are limited to RGB but they’ve always worked like a charm.
U need to flash them if you want to fully controll it all by yourself.
If not, you can just use the WIFI LED binding and go with those preconfigured commands.
Works pretty good except for some minor details

i just did excatly as you said, i can Turn ON and Turn OFF the led strip,but i can’t control the brightness or colour of the LED strip.

hey - pls post your config so we can help you out