[SOLVED] Wired dimmers

We are building a house where we will work with openhab2 with some Anel Hut’s.
These devices don’t support dimming.

As we would like to have some lights dimmed, we are looking for devices that do support dimming. preferable wired devices that can be controled using openhab.

What are our options?


I’m using knx, which is nice but a little bit oversized only to use it for some dimmers. Maybe dmx is an option for you (up to 512 channels in one dmx universe) :slight_smile:

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Where can I find dmx devices that are supported?
(or info on that?) On the binding page I don’t see info on the devices itself…

All dmx dimmers are supported, I think. dmx512 is a standard protocol for stage lightning, but is also used for buildings.

it’s the DMX for building once I don’t find. when I query DMX, I only find state lightning, hence my question…

why not use zwave? i have had zero problems. hard wired, communication is wireless

zwave is not hard wired, it’s wireless, I don’t want that.

ive heard knx, but have no experience with it.

Try to google for “DMX REG” I got more than 5 correct hits at the first page… :wink:

PS: REG is for “ReihenEinbauGerät” I don’t know the english equivalent :frowning: The meaning is a device for mounting in an electrical cabinet on DIN rail.

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Hi. What did you go with in the end?

recently Anel hut started to support dimmers

I got that to work with anel hut and ELTAKO EUD12D-UC.
I’m not sure how to launch that from Openhab. For that I’m looking for the Anel HUT API, to see what has changed and see if it’ supported out of the box b OpenHab or something needs to be changed in openhab


I’ve just bought one of these DMX 2 channel mains dimmers to test.
Apparently, they can be set to leading edge or trailing edge.


This isn’t a recommendation, just as suggestion.

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My last post about anel hut and dimmers is working.
It’s not ideal as I don’t see the level of being dimmed in openhab.

It would have been nice to try this out, yet at this moment we would need to replace a lot of small dimmers with this , which looks a lot bigger and we don’t have any spare room anymore.


It was only a suggestion :slight_smile:

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