[solved] Xmbc not doing anything

Hi all

I’m having difficulties getting the xmbc binding to do anything. I copied the jar to the addon folder and configured the binding in openhab.cfg (using user / password) and restarted openhab (is this necessary?).
Also checked the settings in Kodi (allow remote apps to control kodi). Remote control works in the Android app and in via browser.

In the items-file I have

String		xmbc_player_state						"Status: [%s]"					<sofa>	(gXBMC)	{xbmc="<[#livingRoom|Player.State]"}
String		xmbc_player_type						"Typ: [%s] "					<sofa>	(gXBMC)	{xbmc="<[#livingRoom|Player.Type]"}
String		xmbc_player_title						"Title: [%s] "					<sofa>	(gXBMC)	{xbmc="<[#livingRoom|Player.Title]"}

I can see the new items, but they stay empty. Looking at the openhab log, I don’t see any entries from the new binding, no error, no status messages so I’m not even sure if anything is working.

Where can I start debugging?

I’m using openhab 1.7.0.


since you wrote “the jar” you may have just copied the org.openhab.action.xbmc-1.7.0.jar , you also need the org.openhab.binding.xbmc-1.7.0.jar file

Very well spotted!! And just like that, it works :smiley: