[SOLVED] Yeelight color flowing

Can someone help me to configure openhab to get yeelight color bulb flowing?
All other functions are working good for me. I appreciate any help.

My question was about how to get Yeelight Color Bulb to get Flowing in Openhab.
I Created Items and Sitemap and everything is working except the Flowing funktion.
I can not find any documentation about this.
I do not understand where the problem is

And we don’t understand how to help you because you haven’t provide any of the details we would need to help. Version of OH? How was it installed? What are your Items? What are your Things? What do you mean when Flowing doesn’t work? Errors in the logs?

That is why Lucky posted that link. We need that information in order to help you.

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I’m not even sure if the actual problem was stated… or I’m missing it

I dont know if this “FLOWING” function of the Yeelights is supported by any binding.
You should check the binding you are using if this is supported.

I am sure the binding that I am using to control my Yeelights do not support the feature.