[SOLVED] "Your password reset code is invalid or expired" - myopenhab.org


I am little puzzled… since I changed my password the login into myopenhab.org does not work and any try to reset the password via “forgotten” fails with the message above ?!?!?

After some retries:
I can successfully reset the password to a new on. The message: “New password has been successfully set” comes up. But using the new pwd for a login prompts the message: “Unknown user or incorrect password”

What am I doing wrong ?


… after some painful hours I could reset the password to the new one.

Like from other posts:
uninstall openhab cloud connector
rm /var/lib/openhab2/uuid
systemctl stop openhab2
openhab-cli clean-cache

now I did the reset - with lots of time for the tools to sync

systemctl stop openhab2
installed cloud connector

… maybe something was obsolete … but after 2 days of “doing my very best” it worked out :wink:

Maybe others run into similar…

same problem on my side :frowning:

oh no, do I really have to go throught this proceedure?:cold_sweat:
There should be a better solution, it’s just about my password on myopenhab