[SOLVED] Z-Stick Gen5 as Secondary Controller

I have a Raspberry Pi with Z-Stick Gen5 as a secondary controller. I included the Z-Stick to my Smartthings Primary controller using Zensys Tools. Most of my z-wave devices were automatically discovered by OpenHAB. My Enerwave ZWN-SC7 and my GoControls (Linear) WT00Z-1 scene controllers were not discovered. I would like to know why. I believe they are NOT z-wave plus devices but that should not matter.

I’m wondering if I can add them manually to OpenHAB as I know their device ID’s from Smartthings.

My goal is to have OpenHAB perform local rules and processing from buttons pressed on the scene controllers, and then setup other automations for local processing.

I excluded the Z-Stick from the Smartthings hub, then included it again. Now all devices were discovered.