[SOLVED] Z-Wave Devices don't update state when switched over Google Home Mini

Hi, I’m using openhab 2 on a Raspi3 with the Razberry Z-Wave-hat. If I switch Items by PC, Wall-Mount-Tablet or Smartphone the Item state is getting updated quickly on all user-interfaces. But if i switch any actor by speech over Google-Home-Mini the state doesn’t change. So it comes in the following to “misswitchings” (I try to switch off but the device switches off and on too, for example).
Does anybody here have a solution for my problem? Thanks in advance!

Do you have anymore info?
Item configs?

OK, now I can clarify the issue a little bit. If I switch a light by googlehome mini, then the state is updatet immediately on Basic-UI (and also openhab-app). But it isn’t updated on HabPanel. And if I switch by Habpanel the state isn’t updated on Basic-UI.
On Paper-UI I saw that every switched device has 2 (!!!) switches. One is switched by Habpanel and one is switched if i use google-home-mini, but they both are for the same device. double_switch_issue
So I think here could be the problem. But how to solve it?

Use the same Item in HABPanel also.
It seems that you have 2 Items linked to this node.
Can you post a screenshot of the Thing Channels expanded? (to show which Items are linked to it)

Yes here’s a Screenshot:

Maybe I should set the Item Linking “Simple Mode” off and link the Items new?

Yes, I would advise that

OK, problem solved. There were really 2 Items linked to the nodes/things. But I only could see it after disabling “Simple Mode”-Item Linking. Now the double-links are deleted and the Habpanel-Buttons are new linked. So the User-Interfaces are syncronous. Thank you for helping!

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