[SOLVED] Z-Wave devices remain unknown after update

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(Sven) #21

Hi there I followed the tips here but I still not able to use my fibaro dimmer 2 anymore. All devices came up properly after a few hours, but the dimmer are stayed unknown, after updating to 2.5.

Before (i think it was 2.2) everything was working smoothly and than I updated to 2.5, went though the update tutorial to get all zwave device back in, but it diddn´t worked for the dimmers.
I tried soft reset via UI and also unplug the device.
put the dimmer in inclusion mode,several reboots etc…

I´m running openhabian on Pi and now also updated to the latest snapshot (before I tryed stable).
My zwave usb stick is the ZMEEUZB1 which is directly conntected to the pi.

If you have any suggestion, I would be more than happy to use my lights again :slight_smile:

openhab.log (806.8 KB)

(SiHui) #22

Are you sure you deleted the “Thing” and readded it again? I only have one of the Fibaro Dimmer 2, but it is working without any problems in 2.5 snapshot.

(Sven) #23

After the update, none of my zwave device were going online, so I deleted all and uninstalled the zwave serial controller and reinstalled it again.

All other ZWave items came back and I needed to add them again.
All except the Dimmer. They still show unkown device.
From my understanding the “Thing” insn´t installed in oh yet, since it poping up in the inbox.

(SiHui) #24

Are you sure it is in range of the controller?

Here is one of your FGR222 devices, it shows that the node info was received by the controller.

Here is your dimmer, the controller does not receive the node info:

(Sven) #25

The dimmers are at a distance of about 3-10m from the zwave dongle without any walls in between. Other devices on other floors much further away are working without any problem. Even now after a week the devices are still on same state.^

When I add the Thing i get following response.

(SiHui) #26

You are on the right track: providing a debug log. BUT: please post it as text, please use code fences, please don’t filter the log.

(Sven) #27

np, I thought those messages would be enough.
Here is the current log. node 18 is one of the items.

openhab.log (705.0 KB)

(Ian) #28

Node 18 doesn’t seem to appear in the log? I ran it through the log viewer:


Node 18 does not show up.

(Sven) #29

I added node 18, maybe thats why it doesnt show up?
but the nodes 12, 22, 26 are sharing the same issue.
I also tried resetting one of the dimmer by holding the button for 3 secs without any difference…

Before the update everything worked perfectly, tomorrow I´ll try to downgrade? Current OH release isn´t usable for me at this stage.

(Sven) #30

Would it work to just downgrade the Z-Wave binding to see if devices will work again or do I need to downgrade openhab as well?

(Sven) #31

I think I got it working now, but I can´t tell really what did the trick.
In Chrome I got often no response or hanging paper and habmin ui.
In Firefox I tried set device as failed, which gave me the massage that the device could not be found and now its showing the dimmer. Very weird thing but at least it´s working now

From now on I will only use Firefox with OH…