[Solved] Z-Wave update from device

I have configured openhab2 on raspberry pi 3 with Aeotec LAB Gen5 and about 15 nodes.
When I send the command from “Paper UI”, the nodes update change instantly the state.
In I change state on nodes, the Paper UI update the state about after 30 minutes.
How I can resolve it?
I have another system that works well.
H have enable debug on zwave but I don’t see problem.

Check that the associations are correctly configured. Associations are what ZWave uses to send notifications about state changes to the controller.

Where I see if the association works?
If the association are broken, why it’s work from paper ui to device?

Check the device configuration in HABmin. There is a section called Associations.

Because it’s totally different. Associations are only used to send data FROM a device TO the controller.

Ok, I have add HABmin. I’m waiting for it loading (it is in loading…state).
I update you as soon as possible.

Hello @chris, I have start Habmin.
In the association group I have this (for example node 5)

How I can setting up the parameters? How?

Normally, you change the value in the box. The one that matters is Lifeline - this should be set to openhab. Don’t set the others.

HI @chris,
I have set this value

and it’s works fine.

Great - thanks.

Can you tell me what the device was? In theory this should be set automatically set, so I suspect this is incorrectly set in the database.

The devices are Fibaro FGS223 and Fibaro FGS212.

I have problem with DZMX1-1LZ Scene Capable Push On/Off from Leviton. Used to get status update with OH version 2.0. Updated to v2.1 and can’t get status update. I can’t find association group in device properties under Habmin. Any ideas ?