[SOLVED] ZW096 Aeotec Smart Switch 6 wrongly(?) recognized as Smart Dimmer ZW099

I have Aeotec Smart Switch 6 thing, which zwave binding (2.4) recognizes wrongly as ZW099.
After being recognized as different type, it does to my surprise (more/less) work: I can change color for example, as smart switch has channel to change led color. It communicates with network.

My question is:

  1. is this my device hw error?
  2. is this zwave binding db error?
  3. other?

What I tried:
a. exclusion/inclusion (multiple tries)
b. reset thing (20seconds pushed button on it)
c. hard reset of my aeotec stick (through habmin)

nothing helped. This ss6, is still recognized as dimmer…


The database does not have overlapping entries for this device, could you please check your xml file in /userdata/zwave folder for device type and device id, also firmware version?
Device id for the dimmer should be always 0063, for the switch 0060.

Hey @sihui
yeah, as I expected, after verification in xml in userdata/zwave there is 0x63.
Clearly I hold a different device in a hand, yet it’s recognized as a different one.

Can I force it somehow to the zwave binding?

Is this a hw error or binding one?

Any ideas?

Could you please post the device type, id, manufacturer, and firmware sections of the XML (or a screenshot of the Attributes section of the Thing in Habmin)?

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BTW, while paperui does not show all electric parameters (only kWh and W) for this thing, I found in the XML for this node (among other information) that it supports V and A as normal ZW096 should.


The device is reporting itself as a ZW099. Either Aeon mispackaged it, flashed it with the wrong firmware, or they’ve changed the type:id (unlikely). Have you tried plugging in an incandescent light (or something that could handle it) and tried dimming?


Yeah, I connect lamp to it and it dimms it :slight_smile:
Even led bezel on the switch works properly, it’s darkish when dimmer is set to 0, and light greenish when its anything >1%.

Aeon mispackaged it :slight_smile: Funny, as it has everything switch has: USB port on a side etc.

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