[SOLVED]Zwave how to set operation mode using bit to control?

I have zwave temp sensor PAT02-B Z-Wave room sensor
I dont know how to switch it over from F to C mode.
default value is 33 (operation mode)
How to change bit 3 to 1 ?
Isnt it a bit crazy that you need to decipher such bit to decimal conversions for such simple user action or is it just me? :slight_smile:

set Operation Mode using bit to control

  • Bit 0: Reserve
  • Bit 1: Reserve
  • Bit 2: Reserve
  • Bit 3: Setting temperature scale
    • 0: Fahrenheit
    • 1: Celsius
  • Bit 4: Reserve
  • Bit 5: Reserve
  • Bit 6: Reserve
  • Bit 7: Reserve

There are two ways to go. The first one is crude as it takes advantage of the fact that all other bits seem to be unused at the moment. That accepts the risk that a future firmware might change that and you might encounter unexpected results in such a case: just set the whole parameter to 8 (or even 255) if you want to see degrees Celsius or 0 if you want to see degrees Fahrenheit.
The better method would be to adjust the ZWave database entries to reflect the bitwise operation of this parameter. See here for further information (search the site for “Bitmask” within the section "“Configuration Parameters”).

NO That is the old site. Here is the new link

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You should be able to use openHAB’s Units of Measure to convert for you. That would be easiest.

Thanks Bruce for pointing that out. I knew there were changes being made, but I suspected them to be “behind the scenes”. This does not seem to be the case. How are all those people with bookmarks in their browsers (like myself) be expected to know about the change or even find it without some hint (or even redirection) on the old site? The readers on the OH forum might find it, but other people might get lost. My suggestion is to at least place a remark at the top pages of the site with a link to the new one. That would help all visitors.

Every device I have checked on the old site has a link to the new item at the top. Somebody STILL tried editing the old site last week.

Chris had a thread here asking for testers & announcing. We also updated the device documentation pages but, last I checked, OH had not updated the website :frowning:

There is a big orange sign at the top of each page -:

I’m afraid I can’t change your bookmarks, but there is a link here, and I did post a number of messages here advising people of this change.

Did you actually check the site before posting this :wink: , since as I presented above, that is EXACTLY what I already have done. :confounded:

Sorry - but I did try - I’m not sure what else I can really do though?


Perhaps a notice on the old database guide would be helpful too.

I will add this - we have notices in loads of places - most notably on the database pages themselves so it really should be obvious if people take the time to take a look :wink:

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thanks, setting it ti 8 did the trick. I’m not planning to do fw upgrade on the sensor…
Also I prefer not to use conversion of units in the OH, if the sensor is capable of showing the unit i need natively

@chris, I did not explicitly look for advise or hints to the new site on the old pages as I thought the changes were “behind the scenes” only. The information was out there, but it was a while ago when I read it and did not remember it.
I checked again a few minutes ago: I do get a link on the Database Guide side, but is is not an orange sign as shown in your answer but a text printed smaller than the rest and in the same colors. Not really standing out. So it IS there, but I’ve overloked it. Please take my apologies.

I’ve checked the other pages now as well and the the only two pages I get the orange sign are the two Logviewer pages for ZigBee and ZWave.

And IF you could change my bookmarks, I would not only be surprised but really worried :wink:

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Examples follow. There are over 1000 of them.



links to

My answer was relating to the database pages - as per your suggestion -:

That is what my previous answer was about and I’d be very surprised if you don’t see the orange sign as I showed earlier?. However, you’re right that the link on the database documentation page is less obvious but I have limited possibilities here as it’s in a blog. I tried to make it as obvious as I could - sorry.

Really - that is strange, and I’m now quite worried. What “other pages” are you looking at? For example, if you look at the database device list, or a device page, are you not seeing the note and link to the new site as I posted above?

I’m not sure why I would see anything different than anyone else, but that seems to be the case :confounded:. I’m not logged in, so what I see, should be exactly the same as you see - very strange and worrying as I’ve tried to make it clear that things have moved.

I only checked the pages that are linked from the banner at the top of the site, no login, just what is visible to the standard visitor.

No need to be sorry. I’m the one who is sorry as I was not looking properly. If you are limited in what you can do on that page, you did what you could. More cannot be expected.

I was referring to the pages that are linked from the sites banner on the top. I did not login.

The database device list and device page show clear messages now, I did not see these two pages ealier when I checked. Maybe too much traffic and I was impatient.

My first reference was to the Database Guide page as that was what I was calling from the bookmark. Maybe that was not clear enough from what I’ve written. Sorry for that. Other places are clearly marked as I would expect as an unknowing visitor, no criticism about that. Your limitations on the one page I stumbled across were not known to me, so my complaint was unfounded. And from what I see, you do not see anything different than I am seeing.