[SOLVED] ZWave Switch for Temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius

Hello I’m looking for a ZWave switch similar to the Fibaro Switch 2 ( Model FGS-223 ) which supports temperatures to about -10 degrees for my outside Lamps. Dows anyone know which is also OpenHAB supported? Any suggestions welcome.

I first suggest you tell us what zwave region you are located in. :wink:

Switzerland and Germany, so 220V …

So, that would be the Eurpoean zwave region. Each region has apecific zwave products due to radio frequency differences.

Perhaps this one would work?

Yes, this one does report below 0 for F; have one in my Attic.

Best, Jay

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If it reports 0 for F then it definitely should report 0 for C too since 0 F is below 0 C.

But isn’t that a multisensor, and not a switch?

The OP asked for a switch that works below 0 - I don’t think he cares about having a temperature sensor since the FGS223 that was mentioned doesn’t have any sensors.

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A multisensor & switch bith controlled by OH could be another option to accomplish the goal.

I’m not completely sure how to be honest - If the goal is to turn a device on and off at mains voltage (as per the FGS223), then a multisensor won’t really help. You need the switch similar to the FGS223 (or similar) I think.

Maybe you can elaborate - or maybe @Moerky should comment on what they are trying to do. My only point is that I think your suggestions aren’t in line with what is being requested and I just thought you’d misinterpreted the request by looking for a sensor. I might of course be wrong.

Correct, no switches in sensor but you could create a virtual switch tied to a rule when it hits below zero.

Yes, you could use a switch like that controlled by the sensor, depending on the requirements.

I am using a PIR motion sensot & OH rules to control a porch light. The battery powered PIR sensor could not control the light directly.

Clearly I’m just reading this request differently.

I don’t read that the user wants a switch that switches at 0 degrees. The way that I read is is the user wants a normal switch similar to the FGS223 that they asked for, that will operate at low temperatures.

The FGS223 is only rated down to 0 degrees - so I read that the user simply wants a switch that can work in colder temperatures. He doesn’t ask for a sensor, or any automation - just a switch.

Maybe I read this incorrectly since everyone else seems to be looking for sensors - sorry if I’m wrong.

Note: I should add that while the FGS223 is only rated to 0 deg, it will likely work ok colder than that, but if you want to stick to the manufacturers spec, then it shouldn’t be used below 0 (or above 35C IFRC).

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I read the original post to mean the op wants a switch which is made to operate in ‘temperatures to about -10 degrees’
and switch 220v
really don’t think a sensor is what he had in mind

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This is the same as my interpretation - so we’re probably both wrong :smile:

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Deal all. Chris is perfectly right, I‘m looking for a Zwave switch only that can switch on and off a 220v Power at temperatures around below minus 10 degrees Celsius in switzerland / Europe Region. Apart from that it should work with the zwave binding on OpenHAB. Any suggestions welcome.

OK, this switch module says you can connect a temperature sensor.

I assume this is the sensor.

In real life, where a manufacturer guarantees all examples of a device to work properly at 0C, almost all of them will work at -10C as well. This is even more true of a mains powered device (kept out of a howling wind!) as the internal power consumption will keep internal temperature up.

If it were me, I’d just install what you have, and try to protect from wind and ice so far as possible.

The Qubino looks good but is not in the ZWave/openhab database… Using my existing one is what I now try, thanks for the suggestion - I’ll see next winter how it works.

Yes it is -: