Some doubts about hardware

Hi, I have been testing openhab some time and now I would like to buy the hardware to place it in to my house.

I have put motors to roller shutters and I have centralized all the cables in one point, also I would put a relay in to the heater with a temperature sensor inside and other outside. Finally I would make some dimers to a 12v lights with TIPS 120.

The main doubts are two.

I would put the server in a raspberry Pi3 but I have doubts to buy an arduinoMega to controller the sensors, tips and relay, and the connected to the raspberry Pi by Serial port or MQTT or just do all of this with the raspberry GPIO (then I would have to buy an extension of GPIO).

Other doubt is which relays I am going to use. To act to the heater and some light I would use the typical ones that can hold ā€œ10 Aā€ but I am things to use a bigger relays (about 30A ) in the motors.

Which are your proposes.


Hi Jordi,

I personally would recommend using an arduino with MQTT. That way you can add more arduino or position them more closely to devices around the house. It also allows you to move OH around if you want. I started on SOC boards such as PI but quickly wanted more power and to not use sd cards.

As for the relay, are you looking for AC or DC 30 amp? Iā€™m pretty sure you can find 30 amp 12v DC relays at auto shops. Often with NO and NC.

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