Some homematic channels cannot be linked via PaperUI

Hello everyone,

I recently set up YAHM and Openhab 2.2 on a raspberry PI3.
The setup of the homematic binding worked without any problem, all components have been found and are online.

However, I got an thermostat (HM-CC-TC) installed as thing and when I try to link the temperature or humidity channel to an item via the PaperUI nothing happens. Within my browser the window for linking the channel simply does not show up when I click on the blue circle. Strange enough, for the signal strength channel the window opens and I can link that value.

Linking the channel via an items file manually by inserting the correct address works without any problem. Reading out the values works as well. The only problem I got is that it does not work via PaperUI.

Any Ideas ? Or is this a known bug ?


I had something similar recently, and was getting errors in the logs relating to the thermostat. Deleting the thing and re-discovering it fixed the problem.