Some lite errors of codification

In this web
is wrong some URLS of example like:<token>/getUpdates

where it’s “<token&gt” I think that should be “”

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The code of the file is fine and the preview on gitHUB is fine too.
The weird thing is that the lines further down display correctly
@ysc any idea?

Could be an encoding issue of the urls combined with the code block.

Yeah I’m the one to blame for that:

That’s because the rendering engine used on the website will treat tags between angle brackets outside code fences as components to insert, and those don’t exist, so there will be a compilation error. So if I encounter those I add a quick fix like this until it’s - eventually - fixed at the source. The problem here is that I missed the ones in the URLs in code fences.
I’ll have a fix-to-this-fix but it would be good to take care of all those pages once and for all.

What would be the best long term solution in your view?

We should take all lines in that prepare-docs script replacing stuff like this and do a PR on affected repositories, then the replaces may be removed. Then… find a way to educate people not to put <things like this> in the docs unless it’s in code.