Some mobile considerations


I don’t really know where to post so I choose this section.

I have OpenHab setup on my Raspberry Pi and the Android app on my phone, it works fine but I would like to go further.

  1. How can I define notifications ? I would like my Raspberry Pi to send notification to my phone in case of alarm.
    I would like to do this without pushing my data to an external persistence like

  2. Is there a Google Drive or DropBox persistance ?

  3. I try voice command on my phone, it understand my command but when it try to answer openhab search for a text to speech and a sound device on the raspberry pi. Why not sending it to the phone ? everybody has test to speech now. Is there an official way to do this ?

  4. Home Assitant has a fantastic localization mechanism. You can setup zone in the mobile app and activate a script when you are in this zone. You don’t need to enable fine localization, you don’t need to send your localization in the cloud and you don’t even have to unlock your smartphone to disable your alarm when coming back home! Do you plan to have this kind of feature in OpenHab ?

Vincent RAMPAL

  1. You have to use some sort of service to send a notification to your phone. If you don’t like my.openhab you can use something like Notify My Android, Pushbullet (through mqttWarn or a not yet official binding, search the forum), Prowl, Pushover, etc. You can also send an email. But in all cases you are relying on a third party cloud service.

But one thing to note, when using my.openhab you do not have to send any of your items to it. That is one of the reasons they implemented my.openhab as a persistence binding. It gives you complete control over what data you send to it. If all you want is notifications, do not configure any Items in the .persistence file.

  1. There is a DropBox binding but not for persistence. It doesn’t really make sense as Google Drive and DrobBox are file sharing services, not databases. Persistence needs a database (or something that looks like a database). You could probably configure it so that you put your persistence files in the Google Drive or DropBox sync folders and symlink that to where OH looks for it. But if your goal is to have two OH instances sharing the same DB I think that would be a bad idea.

  2. The text to speech service is built into the OH server. There is currently no way to transport the audio from the server to the phone apps so it would have to be built into the Android and iOS client machines. Currently there is no mechanism to do this.

  3. This feature already exists with the MQTTitude Binding. I believe it meets all of your requirements.

Thanks for you answer

  1. I will look on how to have notification on without sending items data.

  2. I still think a persistence service that publish in Google Sheet will bring added value.

  3. My idea would be to do voice recognition and test to speech on the mobile, then the mobile only exchange text to openhab. I know it’s not the way it is implemented today but a simple REST API could do the job.

  4. I will test OwnTracks and check how to set-it up in openhab, thanks

  1. I tested, the notifications works fine but…
  • what if the site get hacked ? I mean 1 site with all automation has huge value for hackers, it I host it on my raspberry pi it’s only my hose and have far less value
  • what if the site get down ? the site has no business model and could be down at any time, I should probably not rely my home security on it…
  1. Own tracks works ok on Android. The message system is not working as documented, you cannot delete waypoint but you can report location.

I do not think you are assessing the risk correctly. If a hacker gets into my.openhab, assuming there isn’t basic protections in place such as encryption (which I am sure they are in place) the worse they can do is temporarily shutdown the service and mess with your automation. If a hacker gets into your raspberry pi they have not only access to your home automation but every computer and everything you do on your entire home network. They can steal your data and passwords, hold your machines for ransom, and more. Given that, your little raspberry pi is a far bigger target than my.openhab.

As far as my.openhab possibly closing down, that can happen with any service. And unless you write something yourself you will always have that risk. I personally do not believe my.openhab is any more likely to shutdown than any of the other services I mentioned above. And if they do there are half a dozen alternatives to switch to,