Some questions about Config/Visualization/

Hi Community,

after trying multiple homeserver solutions I’m finally stuck with openHAB2 - IMHO it will be the best solution for a hassle free operation and easy maintenance. Will be? Yeah, it’s still beta and even the best system has to be installed and configured first.
Now that I’m hooked on openHAB I’d like to ask some Questions about a few things that aren’t that clear to me…

  • the “Config-File” Paradox
    If I understand it correctly, config files are a relict from v1 and as soon as every binding is v2 / there is no need for v1 bindings they are more or less useless. Sitemaps are obsolete if you don’t use the built-in visualizations which need them. Everything that needs a config file ATM will be configurable within the webconsole in the future.
    Yes/No/Are you nuts?/Pray with us for it!

  • Were is all the data stored which is generated via webconsole?

  • Visualization
    For the planned production-environment I’d like to separate the openHAB Server and the end-user control/visualization. Visualization and control should live on a extra machine in a separated network. A short research brought me to smartVISU, but somewhere on their github site i found a text wich says the Client has to communicate to the smartVISU- and openHAB Server, exactly the situation I want to avoid. Any tips/suggestions? It can gladly be something in beta status, as IT technician I’m relatively painless with “not working out of the box”

  • is there a roadmap?
    there are a few things I’d be interested if they are planned, and before asking a quick look at something like a roadmap would help. If not be prepared for a follow up list :smiley:

If anything of this is already answered anywhere within the community, the wiki, on github, … - I apologize for not finding it.

Thats it for the moment, time to go back to config my test installation to death (again)