Some Questions Regarding HABPanel in OH3

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.

So a little history, stupid me lost my perfectly fine running Openhab 2.5 install . So i used a back up from many months ago but I had done so many changes I thought this was a good time to rebuild. …OH3 here I come.

Wow it does look nice, but a bit of a learning curve …again…oh well. I have recovered a lot of my existing rules and such and for the most part they are working. But I do have a few questions.

  1. For some reason Habpanel will not open in Firefox but it will in Chrome i get this error

" No default panel configuration!

Sign in with the main UI to enable editing in HABPanel and set a default panel configuration "

Is there a way to fix this …I deleted cache and such but to no avail.

  1. Looking at all the beautiful set ups with fancy pictures and such on the buttons tabs whatever there called, how did you get the temperature to appear in/on the button. I got the fancy background photos but cannot figure out how to show temperatures of other info just like the demo device on the home page.

  2. In habpanel I have a button that I use for selecting (selection widget) certain modes of operation which works great, is there an equivalent way to do this in the web ui? I think moving away from habpanel is my end game here as the new ui is quite nice.

  3. For my alarm binding is there a way to get a keypad in the web-ui like I do in habpanel? Again to move away from habpanel.

Now I know this is going to be a nightmare for a ludite like me but Im willing to press on. I also know/understand that OH3 is very new.

Is using Habpanel still my only option for now?


These seem to be HABpanel questions, you might edit your thread title and tags to get more relevant attention.

Hi You are probably correct, at this time I’ve figured out how to get the selection button working in the web-ui. I will keep on pressing on and see about configuring the rest. I am trying to get away from habpanel.