Some regex in a rule

Ok. I am not very good at regex. So that is my first problem.

But in my rule I have a string such as “Flight to Atlanta (DL 1961)”

I am trying to extract just the part in the parentheses (flight number) and trim out the space.

var flighttest= transform(“REGEX”, “((.*?))”, “Flight to Atlanta (DL 1961)”.toString())

I don’t seem to get anything back. Any suggestions? thanks!

Depends on how much of your flight number is expected to be constant.

If all flight numbers start with DL and are 4 digits long, you could try

"Flight.*DL (....)"

just need whatever is in the parentheses. so ideally on this i would return “DL 1961” then i can trim out the space and end up with just “DL1961”

I also just noticed in the docs, there are 3 parameters in the transform() call…

“Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems.” Jamie Zawinski

That is one of the more famous quotes in computer science. I couldn’t help myself.


transform("REGEX", ".*\((.*\).*", “Flight to Atlanta (DL 1961)”)

The expression says match all the characters between parens with zero or more characters before or after.

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As the parentheses are used to mark the string, you have to escape them in the REGEX. I would try something like

var flighttest= transform("REGEX",".*\((.*?)\).*", "Flight to Atlanta (DL 1961)")

It may be that you have to use double escapes "\\" (I did not manage to understand, when this is necessary yet :wink: )

Please be aware that you used the wrong quotation marks in your posting. This might be a problem, too. Maybe this was done by discourse…

You can’t use a method on a primitive, but as a String is already a String, you can simply omit this part.

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