Some rules stop running after some time

I have been struggling with rules stop working for some time now and have no clue how to solve it. I have this simple rule:

rule "Hallway lights ON"

	Item Presence_Hallway received update 
	if (Presence_Hallway.state==ON){
		sendCommand (Light_GF_Hallway_Ceiling, 50)
		sendCommand (Light_GF_Hallway_Beam,ON)
	else {
		if (sun_is_up.state==ON){
			sendCommand (Light_GF_Hallway_Ceiling, 0)
			sendCommand (Light_GF_Hallway_Beam,OFF)
		} else {
			sendCommand (Light_GF_Hallway_Ceiling, 10)
			sendCommand (Light_GF_Hallway_Beam,OFF)

The rule works ok for some (random)hours and then stops and I can’t see any error in the log file. I do not help to reload the .rule file, I must restart OH2 to make the rule work again.

In the first picture, row 4, you can see the item (Presence_Hallway) that is supposed to trigger the rule. The Item is a zwave “FGMS001 Motion Sensor”. This is what happens when the rule works.

In the second picture, row 3, you can see what happens after some time when the same Item change state.

How can I debug this error? I am running OH2 build #719 on Windows 10. I did not have this problem when running OH1 (1.8.3) with same hardware och rule file. I have other rules in the .rule file that also stop working but also rules that never have any problems.

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Hello guys,
I’ve exactly the same issue.

My environment is OH2 on Linux.

Is that a known issue ?


Have read about similar problem in several other posts but I haven’t found any solution. I have spent most of the weekend to locate the reason for the behavior but found nothing yet. I do not know how to debug except to scale down my Items and rule files but it a very slow way to work as it can take half a day until the rules stop running (or not).

This seems to be an increasingly common problem. I have been fighting it for a few months. Has anyone found a solution?