Something broke in snapshot #1503

I am using the manual install.
But the paper ui does not show up. I just see the rest api. ( I just have those two activated at http://My_IP:port/start/index ).

I tried to removes the cache and tmp. But same issue.

I wanted to revert to SS#1502, but don’t know how with th manual install.

Hopefully, I was able to download and install the Oh 2.4 M1 with this command : sudo runtime/bin/update 2.5.0.M1

( M1 was built yesterday. …and #1503 today. M1 seems to be a middleman between 1502 and 1503 i think).

I am able to access paperui with m1.

I am sorry i can’t provide more info, i just use OH to send data to Nodered, then Homeseer.

I thought i should let the community here knows

Correct, see The Road Ahead - Reintegrating ESH - sorry for that!

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You can find archived builds here:

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