Somfy Domotique

Hi guys,

Do any of you know the Somfy Domotique system? I believe this is an IO interface and is able to communicate with Velux windows and all the other Somfy IO products. I’m curious if you think it is even possible to integrate it into Openhab.

AFAIK, Somfy uses an universal interface (RS232/RS485). It can be connected to openHAB. You have to take a look at the commands that SOmfy specifies. As long as Modbus RTU works, I see no reason why Somfy’s interface would not communicate with openHAB!


Indeed there are some products that use RS. However, they have moved to IO now and I"m pretty sure that’s not yet supported.

Due to your interventions on so many posts, I think I have the best answer for you (one which @Kai pointed a long time ago):

Thus said, feel free to reverse engineer, or convince the guys from somfy to expose their protocol!


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