Somfy myLink binding #5652 omitted in upgrade to openHAB 2.5.6


I recently upgraded my openhabianpi from openHAB 2.5.4-1 to openHAB 2.5.6-2 via openhabian-config.

Eight of the Nine new bindings show up in paperUI and in the console. However, the one binding i was really hoping to use “Somfy myLink Binding #5652” is missing from both paperUI and the console.

I tried upgrading and then re-installing via openhabian-config but no luck.
Is it possible my install isn’t pointing to the correct repo? Has anyone experienced this before and is there a simple work-around?

It is simply missing in bom/openhab-addons/pom.xml
Please open a bug report on github.

will do, thanks for the crazy fast reply. thanks for the team’s work on this great home automation software.

It’s actually missing a feature.xml file. I’ve updated the issue to reflect this.

Hi, just upgraded to openHAB 2.5.7-1 today. The github issue was addressed and closed a few weeks ago, but it looks like the changes haven’t made their way into the current update yet (Somy Mylink binding #5652 still doesn’t show up in console or PaperUI and there was no mention of the binding on:

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