Somfy myLink communication error

Hi all,
Trying to set up the Somfy myLink binding and consistently get a communication error. The mySomfy app works fine. I’ve run a tcpdump on the my openhab host while enabling the binding and it doesn’t appear that openhab is even reaching out, but failing immediately. When I toggle SDDP under integration, I can see the broadcast from the myLink bridge enabling and disabling. Any thoughts on where to start troubleshooting?

A good first step is to capture a debug log starting from the point of binding startup.

I’ve been running the binding for a while. My only issue is that the MyLink device hangs after every few weeks of operation. Other than that, it’s ben working ok.

I had the same issue. My solution may not work for you, but here is what I found. In the Add On documentation it states to go to “integration settings -> Control4” in the MyLink App to find the system ID. In my App it was blank or Not Set. To test, I entered a random string in that field (I used 4 digits), then entered the same string in the bridge thing “System ID” field. Bridge came online quickly, and my awning was found right away. Not knowing if it mattered, I also set my router to keep the IP address of the MyLink static.