Somfy Tahoma Binding: "Somfy TaHoma Switch" support?

Hi openhab community,
I’ll probably get some Somfy blinds soon and want to integrate them in OH3. I don’t want to use any cloud service and want an “on-prem gateway”. I think that all products except the “Somfy TaHoma Switch” are discontinued (and not longer orderable).

Anybody know if the Somfy Tahoma binding is supported in combination with the Somfy TaHoma Switch?
The README states, that it’s only compatible with:

Thank you!

At the moment I can’t answer the question. The House in wich I am living is getting the system today, so I probably can answer it in a few days.
Just a warning for installing them. If you choose the Solar version, the remote needs to be connected moments after you connected the battery. Or you have to open all roller shutter enclosures again to unplug the batteries again…

But if someone already has the switch connected and would like to share their experience I would appreciate.



I also activated a new Tahoma Switch and it is not supported by the existing Binding.

And the existing Binding will be deprecated soon! More is shared here on the

Hoping to get an updated binding soon.

I try to investigate it by hand now in the forum here.


I cite from home-assistant :

The Somfy Open API (cloud-based) has been deprecated in favor of the Somfy TaHoma Developer Mode and will shut down after June 21st, 2022. The Overkiz integration will support this new local API and can already be used to control your Somfy devices via the cloud.